#3 - Inconvenient Pad

posted on Jan 28 2010 @ 01:58:42


I was chatting with Navarr over MSN earlier today about Apple's new iPad. We concluded it was basically an incredibly big iPod touch.

Anyway, being humorous, as we always are whenever we're talking about anything, this sort of came up. Enjoy this one and be prepared for another long break, at least until I buy a drawing pad because my hand frigging hurts.

Navarr's avatar
Jan 12 02011 @ 00:38:44
Incredibly Fucking Huge iPod Touch

Kat's avatar
Jul 17 02010 @ 03:06:33

Navarr's avatar
Feb 01 02010 @ 18:37:06
I do everything the iPhone does, EXCEPT MAKE PHONE CALLS AND FIT IN YOUR POCKET - Bwahahahahahahaha! (Also: NO GPS)
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