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You can sign in/register at Shinyshell with your OpenID instead of creating an account by yourself.
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What is OpenID?

Can't remember your passwords? Tired of filling out registration forms? OpenID is a safe, faster, and easier way to log in to web sites.

An OpenID is your Internet-wide digital identity. With an OpenID (which is quick and easy to register), you can instantly log in at any site that supports it very quickly, securely, and without the hassle of having to create seperate accounts and remember your passwords at each site. Do you hate filling out registration forms, thinking up a new password for yet another site? OpenID is a very convenient way of managing your digital identity in one place, and having lots of different websites recognise you by that identity.

An OpenID just looks like a URL (, for example). You can use a number of free OpenID providers that manage your OpenIDs, or you can even use your own website's or blog's URL (like as your OpenID with a little configuration.

How can I get one?

Getting an OpenID costs nothing at all. A popular choice for many users is a free OpenID provider like MyOpenID, claimID or Yahoo! OpenID. You may even have an OpenID without knowing it - if you have an AOL or LiveJournal account, you already have an OpenID! It's just and respectively. Try it out!

How does Shinyshell use OpenID?

You can attach your OpenID to your existing account or use OpenID to register for a new account. In both cases, you will then be able to sign in using your OpenID provider and you won't have to use or remember a separate password for Shinyshell. If you register with your OpenID, you can also pre-fill your Shinyshell registration information from your OpenID provider, making it the fastest and easiest way to get an account. To get started, enter your OpenID URL above and click "Sign in".

So why haven't I heard of it before?

Unfortunately, OpenID is not as supported as everyone would like it to be. More time needs to pass for a larger number of sites to start using it, though the list of websites is ever-growing. If you are a website owner, you should consider having support for it. Even Microsoft has embraced OpenID, not to mention the variety of popular websites such as LiveJournal, Technorati and many others.

How secure is this login?

It's very likely the safest way of logging in that exists right now. The site you're logging into doesn't ever find out what your password is, since it trusts the OpenID provider to identify you correctly. Consequently, you can use the same OpenID to log into your bank account and post comments on some site you don't trust very much. Neither site ever sees your password, which is only known to you. Apart from being the most hassle-free way of logging in, it's also distinctly more secure than standard logins.
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OpenID login and registration is usable, but not finished.
What is OpenID?

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