Nov 21
Dazed and confused by lec** (Music)

About naming movies about bands like a song by that band.

Jul 01
List of musical rip-offs by lec** (Music)

A list of musical hits, pieces, scores that the author considers either blatant rip-offs of other pieces or overly inspired by other pieces.

Jun 15
List of my favourite web application frameworks by language by lec** (Web, Web frameworks)

A list without a complete list of arguments as to why I chose these particular frameworks. More of an intuitive guide than a benchmark/documentation/otherwise concretely backed opinion.

Jan 15
Natural Keys vs. Surrogate Keys by lec** (Databases, Database design)

A big debate in database design and administration is the pros and cons of natural ("true" keys such as social security numbers) vs. surrogate (made up for the purposes of storing in the database) keys. Here's a short discussion outlining the problem.

Feb 10
Converting GS/AR codes to address and value data by lec** (Games)

A short article and tutorial about how easy it is to convert GameShark and Action Replay codes to address and value data for use in various emulators that don't support GS/AR codes.

Dec 27
Odhodao svoje by lec** (News, Rijeka)

Rijeka ostala bez svog "Hodača".

Nov 20
Kat explains the EHQ layout by Kat^ (EHQ, Fun)

The much celebrated webmistress of Eevee's Headquarters, Kat, explains in this article the specifics of the upcoming layout for EHQ version 4. Fun!

Aug 28
Sharpedo Jokes by lec** (Pokémon)

Sharpedo's "sawed-in-half" look hasn't gone unnoticed by its friends. It's the source of many jokes told by the Pokémon community. Have a laugh at some in this article.

Jul 15
Pronouncing ®©™℠, or registered trademark – copyright symbol – trademark – service mark by lec** (Legal, Fun)

If you're looking for a way to protect your most prized inventions or ideas, our legal department may or may not be of some assistance. Read this to discover the modern way of humorous legal protection.

Apr 19
USB mass storage virus - massively annoying by lec** (Python)

About the recently somewhat popular USB mass storage virus, and how I made this little Python script to get rid of the vast amount of annoying .exes it creates on removable drives. Might be useful.

Nov 05
Interpreting Donnie Darko by lec** (Movies)

My musings on what's actually going on in Richard Kelly's 2001 psychological thriller "Donnie Darko": is Kelly's own interpretation really adequate? Are there better ones?

Oct 08
Youtube audio preview by lec** (Internet)

Discussing the very fresh youtube "audio preview" feature, and how many people at Youtube read xkcd comics.

Sep 18
Improving your Start Button by lec** (Windows)

An easy-to-follow tutorial for windows users on changing the start button default text and related things without much hassle.

Sep 05
Several nights in the Tunnel by lec** (Events)

The webmaster reports on several nights spent in a jazz bar in Rijeka listening to various musicians play. He also makes comments on Croatian café bars in general.

May 03
Cron, A practical guide to by lec** (Webmastering, PHP)

Find out about cron, and scheduling cron tasks on your server to run cleanup scripts from time to time. Also contains full code for a "cron emulation" system.

Mar 16
Why 343 Guilty Spark is superb by lec** (Halo)

It's probably the most atypical level in the first Halo game, and no one seems to like it very much. Yet I can't help feeling that of all those fantastic levels, this one is my favourite.

Mar 09
In Pursuit of William Riker by lec** (Fiction)

A short story written by me about an encounter with a man that looked exactly like William Riker. This strange tale deals with the topic of the quintessence of existance.

Feb 24
An introduction to lucid dreaming by lec** (Lucid Dreaming)

What is lucid dreaming and how do you develop it? That's what this article discusses. Come see why it's the perfect alternative to wasting time sleeping, and you too can stay up all night, every night!

Feb 17
A templating system in Python by lec** (Python)

Today's educative article discusses how to code an effective and powerful templating system in Python by yourself. Simple, powerful, and to the point.

Feb 16
A bitfield permission system by lec** (Development)

Learn about a simple and efficient way to make a permission system for the web. You can find other uses for this too, so don't miss out!

Feb 11
Writing your own custom forum by lec** (Development)

Discusses what creating a forum app from scratch involves, describing a good way to structure it. Also find out how many sleepless nights are included.

Oct 06
References by lec** (PHP)

PHP's references (or variable aliases) will come in very handy in your coding. Learn all about them in this quasi-tutorial, and save yourself hours of trial and error.

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