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The Watch (2012)

The Watch
After seeing Tropic Thunder, I concluded comedy films with Ben Stiller aren't my cup of tea. Watching Stiller make pained facial expressions for 90 minutes or more direly lacks any humor and is trauma I don't want to ever go through again.

The Watch is a movie I never planned to see in my life, and yet happened upon me. It is truly dreadful. This is supposedly one of those "guy films" to watch "with the guys". However, unless "the guys" are as thick as the people who wrote the script for this film, it's really unlikely that they will enjoy it.

The movie provides an absolutely uninterrupted stream of swears and references to sexual organs, sex, so forth - qualifying it as a "teen movie". However, despite the totally stupid alien plot, it also appears to be targeted at adult audiences, which is a total mismatch to say the least; a confused mass of bad writing and a dead-end plot to be more precise.

The movie made me laugh (or at least say "haha...") about twice. Though it wasn't bad enough to make me hit my face repeatedly with displeasure, nothing in it was particularly interesting, funny or in any way... anything. Nothing's worse than a movie that leaves you almost completely indifferent but for that annoyance you feel for wasting your time on something so pathetic.

The actors might have been able to, as it is colloquially put, "save the movie", but this total disaster on so many levels (wanting special effects, characters of indeterminate importance, CAUSTIC screenwriting) put this movie in the category of totally lame movies that are painful insults to any remotely intelligent life.

Rating: 0.5 / 5
Posted at: Jan 01, 2013 @ 22:46:07
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