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Nymphomaniac (2013)

Lars von Trier once again pushes the limits of how much disbelief the audience can possibly suspend. And by this, I solely mean the kind of garbage narrative style that we're supposed to take for granted and an ending worthy of M. Night Shyamalan.

The other limit that is pushed is how saturated with diverse sexual displays a movie can possibly be. This is actually well-executed and I think Lars masterfully managed to be extremely graphic without being inappropriate. Sure, the amount of screen time that the whole set of human reproductive organs gets is unprecendented (at least on the big screen), but it works with the story and I feel it manages to transcend simple nudity for nudity itself. I feel this quality is the strongest the movie has to offer, so I felt the need to take a paragraph to appreciate it. Unfortunately, it comes as small comfort when, four hours and two movie admittances later, Trier essentially tells you he's been wasting your goddamn time.

My Grandma never let me lean over the balcony wall when I was a kid because of this irrational fear that I would lean too far and fall (even when the railing was about as high as I was). This common fixation of Triers - which I immediately identified with my Grandmother's - all of a sudden seems like a pertinent worry in everyone's life, something that can easily happen, if you contrast it to the avant-garde* character development nearing the end of the movie.

* by avant-garde I evidently mean totally crap

Rating: 2.0 / 5
Posted at: Mar 14, 2014 @ 00:41:16
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