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I'm a "freelance" web developer and designer, musician and hobbyist artist. I'm also the webmaster of this site, of course.

I started using a computer of my own back in 1998. About 6 years ago, I started learning C++, and that was how I got into this whole coding universe. Afterward I learned HTML, and started designing some websites; I also learned Javascript soon after. Finally, I got into PHP and started coding with it, and continued for several years, designing a forum software with it (one I never actually finished, but I used parts of it all over the place). I first started working on this website in September 2006 (planning), and I produced the first simple version in October of the same year (titled "Electron"). A month later I took it down, to start building a mega-site version on my own pc. Somewhere in October 2007, after a year of development and a few weeks to release, I chose to scrap the whole site in favour of a complete rewrite. That's why you're looking at version 3, and wondering where v1 and 2 were.

I play the piano and clarinet, and enjoy artists such as Collide, Evanescence, Leandra, Blue Öyster Cult, Chalice, Jethro Tull, Sigur Rós, Nightwish, Emilie Autumn, Blackmore's Night, Norah Jones, Apocalyptica, Enya, Bauhaus and others. Quite a mix, as you can see. My favourite genre of music would be "spooky rock", incorporating anything from industrial, goth, electronic and classical as well as any standard good rock, though I like music by classical composers (Bach, Grieg, Debussy, Brahms and Berlioz in particular) too. I also enjoy some of the more musical metal genres (bands like Opeth, Tristania and Dream Theater). I always seem to talk about what music I listen to for ages, and it's never correct, so just check out my last.fm account to see what I'm currently listening to a lot.
See my portfolio for full details.

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  1. Laptop desktop screenshot
  2. Pears have birthdays, right?
  3. Delibird
  4. Torkenczy's Morning Coffee
  5. Strike one
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