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I am musically addicted, especially to Aerosmith and Bon Jovi.

If you were ever on EHQ, then yes, I am the same Slash.

Hmm...What to add...I pester two of the admins of EHQ...I like pointing out to Nicky that I have more vacation time than he does (Which we discovered after a lengthy conversation over the topic. I think I have like a week more than he does). Hmm. I've been to a Bon Jovi concert, and I'm going to a Styx concert this September.

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What? We don't have any sponsers?

More when Slash feels like adding more.
Online Alias: Jimmy Page

Real Name: Max (Which is only a nickname, and the only name I respond to.)

Age: 14

Gender: Male

State: Kansas

Favorite artist: Rush

Driver's License: Nope, Farmer's Permit.

Most hated key on a standard keyboard: Insert

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