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Posted by lec** on Friday, August 28 2009 @ 23:52:39 GMT        

Sharpedo - it's not exactly everyone's favourite Pokémon, but it's certainly one of the cooler "new" Hoenn ones. Though, something's not right -- ever noticed how it looks as though the rear part of it has been sawed off? Hacked, sliced or chopped right off? No, it's not an incomplete drawing. It was intentionally designed that way! I'll repeat that, it was intentionally designed to look like it had spent some time in a fish restaurant's kitchen, before escaping.

Consequently, Sharpedo has been the source of many jokes among the Pokémon community. Actually, it hasn't. But that's about to change, because some jokes about it have been forming recently, and everyone can join in and help. Here are a few of my own:

The jokes

A Sharpedo and a Carvanha meet just south of Mossdeep City. "What happened to you?" asks the Carvanha. "I was diving a little deeper than usual and I ran into a Huntail. It attacked me and I barely got away alive" says the Sharpedo. "You're only half the battler you used to be", notes the Carvanha.

A Sharpedo and a Carvanha are looking at some real estate south of Mossdeep City. "The location is excellent, I simply love it" says the Carvanha, marvelling at the underwater cave, "Don't you agree?". "I'm rather partial" says the Sharpedo.

Ash and Gary are having a battle on the sea. Gary's Goldeen soon loses to Ash's Sharpedo. "Your pokemon isn't half bad", Gary comments.

The Sea Pokemon Council is congregating. Ten representatives of each type of sea Pokemon enter the chambers, and when the last group enters, Kyogre performs a quick head-count. "I see only half of the Sharpedo representitives made it", says Kyogre to the full group of ten Sharpedo.

If you have any others, I'd like to put them up. Send 'em if you have 'em!

Sharpedo diagram
What happened to Sharpedo? We can only guess.

Let's see what we can come up with! :D

Thank you aragornbird of Arkeis for the Sharpedo illustration!


Navarr's avatar
Aug 31 2009 @ 19:37:08
So sharpedo, how do you feel about looking like that?

Eh, about half-and-half.

Peter's avatar
Aug 30 2009 @ 19:54:50
Sehr gut.
Sir Aaron

Sir Aaron's avatar
Aug 30 2009 @ 17:10:02
Hahaha, I like these.

lec's avatar
Aug 29 2009 @ 22:43:58
The feature hasn't yet been implemented. And comments use a very lightweight regex-based BB code parser, not the same one as on the forum.

I'll fix this and other stuff :D

Pikachu's avatar
Aug 29 2009 @ 21:29:40
Oh, darn. Just copy and paste the url into your address bar.

Really, Lec, why is editing comments disabled? and no BBCode in comments?

Pikachu's avatar
Aug 29 2009 @ 21:28:23
These really deserve a Tweet. If you already logged in to your Twitter account, it will automatically be put into "What are you doing?" box.

Great work, Lec

lec's avatar
Aug 29 2009 @ 19:53:48
Hahaha, good idea SpaceMan :D

By the way, as Kat pointed out, these jokes are funny more due to the circumstance/irony than the actual joke being funny, so don't take them sine grano salis.

Kat's avatar
Aug 29 2009 @ 16:23:13
5 stars

SpaceMan's avatar
Aug 29 2009 @ 01:01:03
lol, I can make a marine mecha design based on Sharpedo... The eyes will be the lasers and the missing part on the back will be an ejectable cockpit, and the cockpuit will resemble the shark tail
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