List of my favourite web application frameworks by language

Posted by lec** on Saturday, June 15 2013 @ 13:21:11 GMT        

The frameworks in this list were chosen based on a number of intuitive parameters, which may or may not work for you. There are many good frameworks out there, and choosing one is often based on the scale of a given project or support for certain features.

These frameworks are frameworks I enjoyed working with and make the "job" of developing a website something that is actually enjoyable and doesn't feel repetitive.

Well, that would be it as far as this list goes. One of the reasons why I allowed myself to be this inexact and still believe that this might be a useful and relevant guide is the fact that web development is closely bound to web design in certain respects. Web developers like nice, clean code and colorful editors. Development should be an enjoyable process for both personal and business needs. If you'd like to make your own site but your day-to-day job makes it seem like a chore, you really need a framework to motivate you -- not only your rational mind, but also your creative side.

The frameworks here appeal to my creative side, they make coding exciting and the resulting applications feel personal. The process of learning the ins and outs of each framework feels more like a hobby, like getting familiar with sanding down a boat or investigating the features of your new camera. They bring a much-needed freshness and reinvigorate your worn-out developer's soul.


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Jan 03 2014 @ 02:48:17
Please note that Laravel uses the so called Eloquent ORM for doing database work. You will likely find Eloquent lacking if you want to do anything complex. Laravel might be a refreshing framework for "Web artisans", but remember that Laravel isn't Rails, and Eloquent isn't ActiveRecord.
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