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February 28 02010, 12:07 GMT
merciful justice

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Location: Brisbane, Australia
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Is great. I've ditched all my previous feed readers (safari, google reader and times (desktop app) to use Fever, it's exactly what I wanted. And it's web-based, too!

Basically: I subscribe to all sorts of feeds; high-volume, supplementary feeds such as Engadget, New Scientist or Time and must-read rare postings such as from my favourite companies and developers. Most feed readers group them all in the one group, where I developed the behaviour of reading every single post. Times, I loved, because it didn't do this and instead just showed the latest posts but I often missed out some of my must-read feeds because it marked feeds as read after a while or if it was posted while Times wasn't open.

Fever is the answer to this, introducing a "hot list".

To make the most of the Hot list, Fever asks you to make a simple distinction between essential and supplemental feeds. Essential, must-read feeds are Kindling. Supplemental, low signal-to-noise feeds are Sparks. Sparks ignite Kindling raising the temperature of items and links that should not be missed.

It's $30 per licence, but I'm more than happy with my current configuration, and the interface is also great. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone here.

March 02 02010, 06:10 GMT
Kelp is good!

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Location: California
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Looks nice, but I'd rather spend thirty bucks on something worthwhile, not a feed reader that acts like a thermometer. It's a good idea, it's just not worth $30 to use, let alone $5.

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March 02 02010, 16:44 GMT
Supra stultitiam

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Location: Varaždin, Croatia
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It looks like a real treat to use, though it is a bit pricy at $30.

If a web app like this was free, it would be an instant hit. Looks like they took care to make it work the way it does, and paid attention to tiny details ("unread post guilt" -> heh).

March 16 02010, 11:17 GMT
merciful justice

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Location: Brisbane, Australia
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May I ask why it's not even worth $5?

And yes, if it were free it would be an instant hit. It definitely works for me much more than conventional feed readers.


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