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May 13 02011, 21:43 GMT
A Pythonic One

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I'm currently on 11.3 right now, updating to 11.4 as I'm typing this. I was using Ubuntu, but with the recent transition to the dock along the left of the page (this article explains the changes thoroughly), I decided to switch back. I suppose the new version of openSUSE will also use the dock, if it went to GNOME 3.0, I'm just hoping it doesn't. I'm considering messing some with KDE and trying out Fedora and Redhat, maybe. I just find the docks a time-waster.

What do you all think of the docks? How do any openSUSE 11.4 users like it?

May 19 02011, 18:33 GMT
Supra stultitiam

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Location: Varaždin, Croatia
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I really think Unity was a really bad idea. First of all, it looks sort of dumbed down and designed for netbooks and touch-screens, which Ubuntu is in no way exclusively intended for. I'll even go so far to say I hate it. I'm used to Gnome (I used KDE for a while, but it feels less productive than Gnome), it's neat, unobtrusive, elegant, logical and has a nice intuitive taskbar, whereas docking windows in my opinion is a real hindrance to productivity and is majorly retarded (the author of the article you linked agrees with this opinion, and he touched on every point why I don't like it).

I have no idea what the reason for this change was. I'm assuming loads of people like Ubuntu and feel good using it so they had to invent some illogical UI concept to, pardon my language, fuck with everyone.


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