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July 30 02008, 22:14 GMT
Krme jedno bezglavo

Kthar's avatar
Location: kroatie
Post count: 106
No double "s". Every member of the forum must use "the big B" from now on and "the big B" looks like this ß. And again ß. And now an entire line of "the big Bs":

P.S. Electron, forgive me, I don't know what I'm doing.
Unjurkete, unjurkeš, ćunakerda....

July 31 02008, 01:55 GMT
Supra stultitiam

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Location: Varaždin, Croatia
Post count: 173
These innumerable omißions of sanity notwithstanding, your continuous total disregard for administrator behavioral etiquette is pretty amusing.

July 31 02008, 19:53 GMT
Krme jedno bezglavo

Kthar's avatar
Location: kroatie
Post count: 106
I like to think of those as breaking the administrator stereotypes. Did I mention, publically, that I like this new site design? Nice. The only bad thing is that half the features don't work. And, yes, did you finish THE generator?

P.S. check your mail. E-mail, that is.
P.S. v2.0: thanks for support.


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