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March 07 02009, 20:20 GMT
Krme jedno bezglavo

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Location: kroatie
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With the hum of the tune in the title and a smile on my face I watched the Solaris, version 10, I think, beijing installed on my computer...Memories....Alas, 'twas a long time ago when the old Pentium 2 was still used by me. Let me put it this way - let it be put this way, into passive. Solaris can heartattack people unaccustomed to its celestial level of hottness and hottility. Stay sunlit by using Solaris and backlight monitors that'll keep you look young as ever.

March 08 02009, 05:56 GMT
merciful justice

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Location: Brisbane, Australia
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I wouldn't mind trying Open Solaris, but I just can't be bothered to download it, partially because my internet is too slow, and partially because interface looks horrible.

March 08 02009, 11:47 GMT
Krme jedno bezglavo

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Location: kroatie
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Don't judge the OS by its GUI, as the proverb reads. Solaris may look craptastic, but there are rumours of people who managed to find the right driver for their respective graphic cards, respectively, and they speak of great 3D holographic projections-like interface that fill the room and the existence of virtual reality once you get it running. Solaris.....

March 08 02009, 22:18 GMT
Supra stultitiam

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Location: Varaždin, Croatia
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OpenSolaris' interface isn't horrible, it's got GNOME as the default desktop environment, and that's pretty much used by default on many modern 'Linux distributions. Alright, it's not as good as openSUSE, but considering how unattractive Solaris 10 looks (Java Desktop System), it's an improvement.

So far, the thing with Solaris is, it's got a lot of powerful features (ZFS as default filesystem, DTrace, containers.... DTrace and ZFS in particular are mouth-watering) and is reknown for it's monolithic stability, but OpenSolaris in particular is a project that needs more time to develop the user interface, write more drivers, etc.

Give it 4 or 5 years, and it should be usable. I'm running it, but there are so many issues that need to be ironed out. It's a wonderful os, but it's still in it's infancy as a desktop solution.

Btw, I recently learned Twitter used to run on OpenSolaris servers a while ago. I'm not sure if this is still true.

March 11 02009, 14:53 GMT
Krme jedno bezglavo

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Location: kroatie
Post count: 106
Solaris 10 can be adjusted to look really cool....once you get graphic card drivers. What's ZFS filesystem?

September 27 02009, 13:17 GMT
I like eating rubber

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Location: Canada
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I almost installed an opensolaris optional partition on my dad's "precious alienware" until he came up to me and kicked me out of the room.

That explains why he helped me pay for my macbook.


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