#2 - Reducing Unemployed Processors

posted on Dec 20 2008 @ 11:26:54


After over six months of free time since the last comic, I sat down at 4:10 this morning and started working on this. It took me just over eight hours to complete, and I still notice how much I failed at drawing Kat's hair.

I suspect this has a lot to do with the fact I draw with my mouse. When the bright, sunny day on which I finally purchase a drawing tablet comes, I'll probably draw faster and more easily. Right now I've got some repetitive stress injuries on my hand because I've been doing small movements with the mouse for the last 8 hours. I rushed to release this before Christmas, seeing as in just a few hours I'm going home and then I won't be able to draw anything on the laptop I usually use at home.

I've already typed too much, but here's something about the history of this idea. About five months ago, I wrote a perl script to generate the big list of numbers mentioned in the comic. Fortunately, I reduced the final number in the list to one about 100 times smaller, but the execution time was still desperately long. Had I run it dreamhost's server, who knows what the consequences for Krusty (that's the name of the server we're on) would have been.

Well enjoy the comic. And have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Best wishes from me!

Kat's avatar
Jul 17 02009 @ 05:28:35
<3 Wahahahahaha!

I still can't get enough of this.

Draw a new comic!

lec's avatar
Dec 23 02008 @ 17:47:03
Lol, Navarr, I forgot it could just as easily refer to you. That's the magic of it, probably xD

Navarr's avatar
Dec 22 02008 @ 17:48:01
Hehe, until I read the description I wasn't sure if you were taking about you or me. x3

*hides in the inner recesses of the Krusty server*

Slash's avatar
Dec 20 02008 @ 18:25:10
The kitties fell off! Oh no!
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