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Hello theree


June 18 02010, 01:11 GMT

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Location: Here o_o
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I bet no one's gonna see this for all eternity, but I stumbled upon this site and then realized I remembered it for the Sharpedo jokes from once upon an EHQ Route50 update. XD

And the comics were amusing. XP

Also, the thingy on the side asked me if the flag was right. It didn't give me a chance to answer! >:(

But for the record, yes the red, white ,and blue one is the right one. :D

June 19 02010, 17:11 GMT
Supra stultitiam

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Location: Varaždin, Croatia
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Haha, you're mistaken, I sometimes visit my own site! Although I admit it was by sheer good luck that I happened to notice that there was an extra user around.

And instead of the flag, I was planning on putting a "yo mama" pun there that you couldn't respond to either, but I felt compelled to maintain a certain dose of seriousness here for unknown reasons.

June 21 02010, 11:12 GMT

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Location: Here o_o
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Hehe, silly me to guess Electron wouldn't visit his own site much. =D

As seriousness goes.. Hey, deviantART has like this whole llama badge thing going on or whatever that I still can't for the life of me understand. XD And Facebook has Pirate as a language. :D And Route50 has crazy staff members

And I'm sure there are other cases of professional unseriousness I've seen; should start recording those.

I went ahead and wrote myself a very professional resume because I am a bored person with no life procrastinating on my personal projects.

God forbid the strikethrough font style should ever disappear. Imagine, people would actually be able to read the first thoughts that popped into my mine! Oh wait, there's a backspace key too.

Also, are you actually in Croatia? :O

June 22 02010, 23:00 GMT
Supra stultitiam

lec's avatar
Location: Varaždin, Croatia
Post count: 173

Hah, well I don't visit often. I just don't have time to do anything about this site, and it annoys me because I had awesome things planned. I've got my hands full with Route 50, college, some minor projects and college. :\

Ah, if that's the case I'll keep that in mind for any updates I make ^^ unless I never make any updates. Dang, strikethrough is great!

And yes, I'm really in Croatia :D

P.S. For being the six to the power of two-th member to register, I've promoted you to the respected member rank :P

June 23 02010, 23:06 GMT

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Location: Here o_o
Post count: 4
That's really cool. :O I don't think I've ever met anyone from Croatia lol! Although apparently, I have. ;D

Hehe, I can imagine you're a pretty busy guy. But I also imagine there's no huge rush with this site, and you could always get around to working on it again one day again. I'll be sure to visit every now and then in the future to keep watch. ;P

I guess I could wish you good luck with the Route50 stuff although I think I already have lol. Must be pretty exciting to be the lead programmer in what's probably the most ambitious Pokemon RPG site out there. =D

And yes! I am a master of the universe respected member! :D Woo, 36 must be a pretty awesome number.

Edit: And I thought of another case of professional unseriousness. In Google Maps, if you try to get directions from say... The US to Taiwan, it'll tell you to Kayak over the Atlantic and stuff. :D

August 08 02010, 10:14 GMT
merciful justice

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Location: Brisbane, Australia
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There's a member rank?

December 07 02010, 01:56 GMT
A Pythonic One

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Location: US
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Hey dawg.

I'm pretty late. ;)


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