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Looper (2012)
Written on 13/11/2014

Interstellar (2014)
Written on 10/11/2014
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Nov 21
Dazed and confused by lec** (Music)

About naming movies about bands like a song by that band.
Jul 01
List of musical rip-offs by lec** (Music)

A list of musical hits, pieces, scores that the author considers either blatant rip-offs of other pieces or overly inspired by other pieces.
Jun 15
List of my favourite web application frameworks by language by lec** (Web, Web frameworks)

A list without a complete list of arguments as to why I chose these particular frameworks. More of an intuitive guide than a benchmark/documentation/otherwise concretely backed opinion.
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Some recently added reviews include...
Kind of Blue

Kind of Blue
Miles Davis
(lec**, 06/11/2009)
In The Nightside Eclipse

In The Nightside Eclipse
(lec**, 05/11/2009)
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«Inconvenient Pad» (issue 3)
Released Thu, Jan 28 2010

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